Am I betting in dollars or bitcoin at Bovada?

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Sports Betting' started by NKOTB, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. NKOTB

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    When I make a deposit at a bitcoin sportsbook or poker room like Betcoin or Nitrogen Sports, my money stays as BTC and all bets are done in BTC. If I make a deposit to Bovada, Betonline or 5Dimes, is my bitcoin instantly converted to dollars or does it stay in BTC?
  2. Humble Servant

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    If you are making a deposit at a regular fiat currency sportsbook like Bovada or 5Dimes then your BTC is instantly converted into U.S. dollars and that is what you will see in your player account. If you decide to cash-out using BTC then you will get the current market price of bitcoin at the moment the withdrawal is processed.
  3. PokerGod

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    If you deposit at Americas Cardroom or BlackChip Poker are you gambling with dollars or bitcoin?
  4. Humble Servant

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    If you deposit in bitcoin at any of these sites, your BTC will instantly be converted to dollars at the current market rate.

    Americas Cardroom
    Black Chip Poker
    True Poker
    Drake Casino
    Gossip Slots

    I'll try to keep this list updated.
  5. Gooch

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    What about TonyBet? Don't they have some weird hybrid system?
  6. Humble Servant

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    Yes, TonyBet allow you to deposit in bitcoin but it is only converted to bitcoin in real-time when you actually gamble. This is good if the price of bitcoin is rising because you'll have more dollars or euros to gamble.
  7. BeastyBoy

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    I deposited $100 of btc at Bovada last year but I din't use their sportsbook for 6 months. I was expecting there to be $300 when I went back because of the btc price rise but I completely forget that it's converted straight into dollars. Disappointing.
  8. NKOTB

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    Maybe it would be a good idea for Bovada to have a dollar and a bitcoin account for players, similar to how exchanges function. Then you would just transfer however much bitcoin you need into dollars as you need it. That way you would benefit from price rises.
  9. Humble Servant

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    This explainer article on NFL Bitcoin Sports Betting might explain the difference between bookmakers like CloudBet and Bovada a little more clearly.
  10. Humble Servant

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  11. Gooch

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    doesn't anyone think that bovada and bodog might eventually allow their players to wager in cryptocurrencies rather than dollars?
  12. interesting question. my guess is that it would add a huge amount of confusion and result in tons of customer service tickets. if players accidentally hold their balance in btc and the price goes up their won't be a problem but if there is an 80% correction they will scream blue murder. my guess is that they will wait a couple of more years until people are more familiar with cryptocurrency and how it works.
  13. Humble Servant

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  14. Toast

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    personally I think sportsbooks should allow you to choose whether you want to keep your balance in bitcoin or dollars. during a bitcoin bull market it is better to keep your balance in bitcoin but during a bear market you should always be using dollars. the value of bitcoin dropped 84% against the dollar last year during the bear market.
  15. Header

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    100% agree. Converting to dollars should be totally optional. If you only deposit and withdraw in BTC, there should be no KYC/AML.

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