Are there any Zcash sportsbooks, casinos or poker sites?

Discussion in 'General Bitcoin Gambling Discussion' started by Freddy, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. Freddy

    Freddy Member

    Zcash seems to have really captured the crypto world's attention lately with many claiming that Zcash is the bitcoin killer because it provides users with total anonymity. Since crypto-currencies are mainly used for buying drugs, gambling and ransomware, this is a huge selling point. A single Zcash coin is now worth much more than a single bitcoin so I'm working if any bitcoin gambling sites have started to accept this token yet?
  2. Spud

    Spud Member

    i think it's still a little too early to predict whether zcash is a legitimate anonymous currency project like monero or whether it is just another pump-and-pump like steemit. i doubt any major casinos or sportsbooks will be rushing to support it until it has proved its worth.
  3. 2damoon

    2damoon Member

    I refuse to use Zcash because 20% of all the coins mined go straight into the pocket of people like Roger Ver. DISGUSTING!
  4. Wonka

    Wonka Member

    My biggest problem is that nobody can verify how many coins there are in existence. If you can't trust the supply then how can you trust the crypto-currency. You might a well be buying Venezuelan pesos.
  5. Pony

    Pony Member

    i would never use zcash because they are not truly open source like bitcoin is. they have a leadership structure and they are incorporated. you might as well use paypal.

    if you REALLY need anonymity then use monero.
  6. right now i think zcash is only being used for speculation. most people don't need the level of anonymity that zcash claims to offer for everyday transactions.
  7. uglymug

    uglymug Member

    Not just speculation. Shadow Brokers are now charging in Zcash for NSA exploits..

  8. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

    My big problem with Zcash is there is a 20% tax on all coins minded that go to the early investors like Roger Ver. Other crypto-currencies have managed to launch without this 20% tax so I don't see why Zcash couldn't do the same. Monero for example doesn't have this type of tax and it's is even more private than Zcash.
  9. Toast

    Toast Member

    i've never met anyone that uses zcash. anyone that i know who buys drugs on the darknet markets use monero.
  10. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

    Zcash fans should check out our Zcash Gambling Guide for a list of the best Zcash bookmakers, casinos and poker rooms.
  11. Toast

    Toast Member

    Maybe people will start using Zcash for something other than speculation now that Coinbase are trading it.

  12. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

    The price of Zcash has been going down the toilet and even the crypto rally of the last 6 months hasn't helped. I have a feeling that Zcash is not being used much, most people who need private transactions are using Monero instead.

    Now that Samurai Wallet and Wasabi offer coin mixing, maybe these privacy coins are no longer needed.
  13. Lizatsom

    Lizatsom New Member


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