Austrian gamblers can now buy cryptocurrency in 2K post offices

Discussion in 'General Bitcoin Gambling Discussion' started by Humble Servant, Jul 12, 2017.

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    If you are an Austrian who is a fan of sports betting or playing poker online then you'll be happy to hear that purchasing crypto-currencies like Litecoin, Dash, Ether and Bitcoin at their local post office. Austrian bitcoin company bitpanda are now selling vouchers at every brand of the Österreichische Post AG. When you buy in denominations of €5, €100, or €500 at the post office, your receipt will have a number that you can enter into the Bitpanda website to claim the equivalent amount in BTC, LTC, ETH or DSH.

    The big advantage of this system is that you don't need to go through a long winded KYC/AML process at an exchange in order to purchase your coins. This service will also prove popular amongst people who want to buy contraband on the darknet markets. It will be interesting to see how it affects sales on Locabitcoin and Paxful in Austria.

    Bwin is probably the most famous Austrian online gambling operator. While they don't accept BTC yet, we're sure that it's only a matter of time before they add crypto-currency to their cashier section. Until then, Austrians are free to gamble at these crypto-currency poker rooms and sportsbooks.

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    How awesome is this??? Why is the United States lagging so far behind when it comes to these kind of services. Is there anything similar to this in the US?
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    I'm not aware of any similar service in the USA but hopefully one day soon you will be able to buy cryptocurrencies in your local 7/11.

    It will be interesting to see if the Australian regulators attempted ban on cryptocurrency gambling will have an affect on the amount of BTC bought using this service. Will Aussies continue to gabling with bitcoin despite what the regulator says.

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