Best bitcoin transaction accelerators for stuck TXs

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    We all make mistakes and bitcoin can be particularly confusing especially for newbies. Attaching too low a transaction fee is a common mistake that quiet often results in transactions getting stuck in the memepool for hours or even days. It's completely pointless to send your poker room or sportsbook support tickets when this happens because the problem is completely out of their control. To avoid this problem happening to begin with, we recommend using quality bitcoin wallets like Breadwallet, Trezor, GreenAddress or Ledger that usually attach the right miner fee automatically. If however you find that one of your transactions hasn't been included in recent blocks then you can fix the problem by using a transaction accelerator. Here are a couple that we are aware of but if you know of others please add them to the list....

    ViaBTC are quiet a controversial mining pool because they were the first mining pool to say they would not support SegWit and they were also the mining pool that launched Bitcoin Cash aka Bcash (although many people suspect that Jihan Wu from Bitmain was behind both initiatives). Anyway, to their credit they operate a free to use transaction accelerator. To get your transaction processed, all you need to do is add the transaction ID and they will try to include it in an upcoming block that they mine. They also have a paid service which costs 0.01 BTC/KB per transaction, which is quiet expensive so it should only be used for emergencies.

    This is a paid service brought to you by mining pool Basically you enter your transaction ID, click "Estimate Price" and will tell you how much they will charge to accelerate your stuck transaction based on its size and how congested the network is at that point. Our biggest gripe with this service is that you need to pay by credit card. Surely if the bitcoin network is congested, they could give users the option to pay with other less used cryptos like Litecoin, Dash or Dogecoin. claim that if you pay to use their service, there is a 75% chance your transaction will be confirmed in an hour and 98% chance within 4 hours. Fees seem to range between $10/KB and $12/KB. The service is non refundable.
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    thanks, i just tried the viabtc one and it worked. didn't know these things even existed.
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    You could try They charge $5 for transactions that are bigger than $250 bytes, otherwise it's a free service. They accept BTC, Litecoin, Dash, Tether, Monero, Ripple and Zcash.
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    I just created a simple Bitcoin transaction accelerator BitAccelerate. It is absolutely FREE.

    It rebroadcasts the transaction via different nodes (currently 7).

    It helps mostly for transactions that are "Stuck" for very long time.
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    Transaction fees are so low for the past few months that I doubt anyone needs these services. I can't wait until the next bear market when the fees go back to 10 dollars and everyone starts complaining.

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