is best avoided due to links with

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    A couple of weeks ago we warned our readers about and because both bitcoin friendly sportsbooks appear to have gone offline abruptly and left many players out of pocket. We also think it is prudent to avoid because according to their About Us page they are also linked to so they may also be a scam. The common denominator between all these sites appears to be John Flynn Bookmakers, a Dublin based bookie that specialises in horse race betting.

    Anyone with an account at is advised to remove their funds immediately.
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    Hi Friends,
    HSB Sportsbook Limited whose Owner is John Flynn is a scammer who is/was Owner of Betballer/ GGBook stolen customers deposited money with winning in 2018.
    Could anyone help and provide more information about John Flynn which can help to get funds back ?
    My appeal to other victim and scammed people to contact on urgent basis to take appropriate action unitedly .

    Many Thanks

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