to close poker room on Christmas Day 2017

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Poker' started by Humble Servant, Dec 19, 2017.

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    In a surprise post on their website, popular bitcoin gambling site have announced that they will be closing their online poker room on the 25th December, 2017. Over the past 3 years Betcoin have been one of the most popular bitcoin-only poker rooms thanks to their partnership with the Winning Poker Network that allowed them to use the same poker software and poker tournament pool as poker giants like Americas Cardroom and Blackchip poker. Because of this they had substantially more traffic than other bitcoin-exclusive poker rooms like Seals With Clubs who struggle to attract more than a couple of hundred players even at peak hours.

    Betcoin revealed that they will be closing the poker side of their operations following the acquisition of their company, however, they haven't revealed exactly who has bought the popular gambling site. The good news is they will continue to offer casino, live casino and sports betting to both new and existing customers.

    Understandably, the news was greeted with dismay on the Betcoin community forum by many players who had played their regularly over the past few years. Online poker is quiet a lucrative sector so we're sure that another website will soon offer a similar level of service that bitcoin poker players enjoyed at Betcoin for the past few years. You can find a full list of the best bitcoin-only and bitcoin-friendly poker rooms at

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    such a shame, i've been playing at the betcoin poker room since the beginning and it was always so much fun. there are already a ton of bitcoin casinos and sportsbooks out there so i'm really surprised that the new betcoin owners have decided to discontinue the poker element of the site because that's what differentiated it from other crypto gambling sites.
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    This is totally crazy and a bad business decision. I think most of the people at BetCoin came for their poker room and stayed. Buying such a great bitcoin poker room and then immediately shutting it down makes absolutely no sense. The BetCoin sportsbook and casino games were nothing special.
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    so if i want to play real money poker with cryptocurrencies, what are my options? there are dozens of crypto sportsbooks and casinos so i'm really surprised that there aren't more cryto poker rooms.
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    running an online poker room is much more labour intensive than a casino where you can just license a few slots and blackjack games from a developer. poker involves developing far more complex software and then you have the headache of trying to run tournaments and organise promotions. my guess is that the major poker rooms like bovada and americas cardroom will take most of the bitcoin traffic.

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