BetCoin become first casino to accept Bitcoin Cash / BCash

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Casinos' started by Humble Servant, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. Humble Servant

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    Bitcoin hodlers on August 1, 2017 got a nice surprise when the network hard forked and they now owned coins on both the bitcoin chain (XBT / BTC) and the new Bcash chain (BCH / BCC). Providing you were using a Bitcoin Cash compatible wallet like Breadwallet, Ledger, Xapo, Blockchain or Trezor, you now have double the coins.

    If you would like to gamble your new stash of Bcash, you can now do so at BetCoin. BetCoin have enabled both deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin Cash in addition to Litecoin and regular Bitcoin. BetCoin are a popular and trusted bitcoin-only gambling operator who offer casino games, a sportsbook and a popular poker room that shares a pool with the Winning Poker Network.

  2. Doyle

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    Thankfully I sold most of mine already for BTC before I was tempted to gamble them all away at sites like this. Many people will probably adopt an easy-come-easy-go approach to their Bcash windfall.

    Is this the only major sportsbook/casino/poker room to accept BCH deposits?

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