denounce SegWit2X hard fork

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    As many of you are probably aware, a group of CEO's and some miners are planning a controversial hardfork in mid November. However, unlike with the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hardfork, developers are not planning to implement strong replay protection. This means that bitcoin users could end up losing their bitcoin due to replay attacks when they make a transaction on one chain. The Bitcoin Core developers have also come out strongly against what they consider to be a corporate takeover of bitcoin. Most of the core devs have said they will never support the 2x chain and will work on other projects if it were to succeed. are the first major gambling operator to come out and say that they will not support the new hardfork. In a blog post on their website,
    • BetKing acknowledge that this hardfork does not have consensus and is controversial.
    • Companies behind the coup include Coinbase, Xapo and BitPay.
    • Using wallets from companies like, Xapo, Coinbase, BitPay etc. might result in you losing your bitcoin and having it replaced by an altcoin.
    • BetKing may stop deposits and withdrawals for a while before and after the hardfork.
    • BetKing will not support the new B2X coin, however, you will be able to withdraw your B2X coin once they figure out how to split them.
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    Hopefully other major sportsbooks and casinos like Nitrogen, CloudBet and FortuneJack do also. This unnecessary hard fork is going to result in people losing money.
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    I have never gambled at BetKing but I'm going to give them a try now because they've taken such a principled stand.
  4. god bless you betking. i'll going to signup for an account when the nba starts again.

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