BetOnline add support for Ethereum / Ether

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Sports Betting' started by Humble Servant, Nov 30, 2017.

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    Even though Bitcoin seems to be grabbing all the headlines recently, there are a number of other very popular crypto currencies that many people prefer to use as a medium of exchange. As the price of bitcoin continues to rise, so too does the fees for each transaction. A couple of years ago you could deposit at a sportsbook or poker room using BTC for a $0.20 fee. That same transaction will now probably cost you $2. While this is still very cheap compared to Visa/Mastercard deposits, it is causing some online gamblers to look for cheaper cryptocurrency alternatives. A few months ago BetOnline added banking support for Litecoin and they are now adding support for Ethereum.

    Ethereum is another popular cryptocurrency that was created by Vitalik Buterin. It's price has been pretty stable recently at around $400 so it's a pretty good currency to use if you don't want to endure the huge 30% price swings that bitcoin has been seeing recently. Most major exchanges like Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Coinbase and Kraken allow you to buy Ether and there are a variety of quality wallets that you can use to send, receive and store Ether. Transaction fees are also just a 20 cents so it makes a good alternative for BetOnline punters those looking for cheaper options to bitcoin.

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    Like many offshore poker rooms and sportsbooks, BetOnline are eager to capitalise on the current cryptocurrency mania. Deposits and withdrawals are now available using Bitcoin, Ether, Bcash/Bitcoin Cash and Ether. They are still far behind popular US facing poker room, Americas Cardroom, who support over 60 different cryptocurrencies.
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    Bitcoin transaction fees are super cheap now so I don't know why anyone would bother using Ethereum.
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    it's a shame they were forced out of australia. easily the best online poker rooms that accepts cryptocurrencies.
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    Yes, it's a pity they no longer accept poker players from Australia but I think that decision was made by the poker network rather than BetOnline. The good news is that these 3 crypto poker rooms still welcome real money poker players from Australia.
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    you list americas cardroom as an australia friendly poker site but i think the winning poker network exited australia also so that is incorrect.

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