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    While neither Bovada or Bodog are bitcoin only gambling sites, they now accept bitcoin, which is pretty big news. Not only are these huge sportsbook brands but they also offer online poker and casinos games. Here's what we think of the Betting Partners affiliate program.

    • Promote bitcoin friendly gambling sites with huge brand recognition.
    • Bitcoin sports betting, poker and casino gaming are all available.
    • Promote Bovada to gamblers in the United States of America.
    • Bovada and Bodog have zero bitcoin deposit or withdrawal fees so they can compete with the "bitcoin only" betting sites.
    • Long established and trusted affiliate program. These guys are not going to disappear overnight, which can't be said for all btc affiliate programs.
    • Huge variety of banners to choose from.
    • Create trackers for individual campaigns.
    • Highly customizale reports.
    • On-time affiliate payments.
    • There are no bitcoin banners or landing pages available at the moment.
    • You are not permitted to promote Bovada poker to U.S. poker players.
    • The only payment option for affiliates is bitcoin. While we love BTC, we think some choice would be good also.
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  3. Terry

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    does their affiliate program now allow you to get paid in bcash (bitcoin cash) also?
  4. Jake21

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    no, affiliates can only get paid in real bitcoin at the bovada and bogdog affiliate program.
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    Great to know about horse race betting, I was looking for that. tnx

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