BitPay are scammers who are now owned by the Chinese - AVOID

Discussion in 'Report Problems With BTC Gambling Sites' started by Dara, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Dara

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    It pains me to write this but BitPay are now corrupt since they got into bed with the biggest Chinese mining company and they are no longer working in the best interests of bitcoin. Their CEO Stephen Pair was always very supportive of the Core developer community until earlier year they signed a multi-million dollar deal with Jihan Wu and the BitMain Chinese mining company. These guys are bad actors and ever since they signed this deal BitPay's their support for the Core bitcoin project has evaporated.

    They are now supporting a controversial hardfork that will split bitcoin and destroy it's value as digital gold. To make matters worse they recently tried to trick their users into upgrading to this new 2X hardfork chain by pretending the upgrade was related to SegWit when in fact they were just trying to get their users to fork over to the new chinacoin.

    BitPay is now a scam and you should avoid using it at any gambling site that processes transactions using BitPay because you may end up losing a lot of bitcoin. And it's not just me who's saying this.....


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