Buy cryptocurrency instantly with U.S. bank accounts at Coinbase

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    Coinbase is by far the most popular bitcoin exchange for gamblers based in the United States. While Coinbase officially don't allow their customer to purchase cryptocurrency for the purposes of online gambling, poker players and sports bettors in the U.S. have figured out that they just need to use a middleman wallet like BreadWallet or GreedAddress to act as a buffer between Coinbase and their gambling site of choice.

    How Coinbase have made purchasing bitcoin even easier for anyone that has a United States bank account. In the past, Coinbase users had a wait a number of days before they could make a purchase after they had transferred money from their bank accounts. This rule is now gone, allowing Coinbase users to instantly purchase up to $25,000 worth of bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum.

    If you are eligible for instant bank purchases, you will receive an email from Coinbase as soon as the feature is available.
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    Wow, this is really awesome news, thanks for sharing. Making it as easy and as fast as possible to buy bitcoin is a huge step in the right direction for widespread adoption. Well done Brian Armstrong and team.
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    Coinbase must be pretty worried that the Cash App now supports bitcoin also. That's some stiff competition.
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    I heard rumours that some US banks are now blocking bitcoin payments at Coinbase. Can anyone confirm or deny these rumours?
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    Nope, I've made a number of transfers from my US bank account to Coinbase in the past few months and everything is working the same as it always did.
  6. Coinbase now have 25 million customers, which is insane when you consider there will only ever be 21 million bitcoin. Not even every Coinbase customer could buy one if they wanted. The next bull run will be insane.

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    If you live in the United States and you are one of the 15 million users of the Square Cash App then I think Cash App is a better option than Coinbase. It's much easier to use and you don't need to do any additional KYC / AML like you do with Coinbase.

    Buying bitcoin for gambling is no permitted so remember to use a buffer wallet like Blockstream Green or BRD in between your gambling account and the Cash App.

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