ChipSplit to make final BTC affiliate payments in July

Discussion in 'BTC Poker Affiliate Programs' started by Humble Servant, Jul 14, 2016.

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    ChipSplit is the affiliate program of the once great Carbon Poker. After Black Friday, once major poker sites like Full Tile and PokerStars exited, Carbon Poker became home to a large proportion of real money poker players in the United States. Their affiliate program was always one of my favourites because the conversion rates were great and the affiliate managers were both responsive and helpful.

    Unfortunately, the cracks started to appear in Spring of 2015 when the Merge Gaming Network lost their main payment processor. This meant that both affiliates and players had to wait in excess of 3 or 4 months to receive payouts. The addition of bitcoin seemed to resolve this issue and many hoped that both Carbon Poker and ChipSplit had turned a corner and would make a big comeback.

    Sadly that doesn't appear to be case. Carbon Poker has now stopped accepting U.S. players and ChipSplit is closing their affiliate program. A statement on ChipSplit website says that "Bitcoin will be the only affiliate commission payment type available for the final June 2016 payment." They blamed their closure on the "the current state of the ever-changing online iGaming industry"

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