CloudBet customers receive Bitcoin Cash / Bcash dividend

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Sports Betting' started by Humble Servant, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Humble Servant

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    Despite recently banning players from the United States, CloudBet is still one of the best cryptocurrency sportsbooks out there. Evidence of this can be seen in their recent announcement that they will be crediting customer accounts with BitcoinCash equivalent to the amount of Bitcoin they had in their accounts at the time of the hardfork. Most other crypto casinos, bookmakers and poker sites kept the free BCH airdrop for themselves so this is a very nice gesture by CloudBet to their customers.

    Here's how it works. On August 1st, 2017, a new blockchain called Bitcoin Cash (or Bcash) split from the main bitcoin chain. Whoever owned BTC on that date, also owned the same amount of BCH. If you were storing your bitcoin in popular wallets like Trezor, Ledger, or Coinbase, you were able to claim this free new altcoin that is worth about 1/10th of the value of the original Bitcoin chain.

    However, if you were unlucky enough to be storing your Bitcoin Cash in your crypto gambling account, you weren't able to claim this free dividend as most casinos and bookies kept the coins for themselves. CloudBet are one of the few bitcoin bookies that are giving their players their Bcash, so for example, if you had 0.25 BTC in your account at the time of the fork, you will now also have 0.25 BCH in your account also.
  2. 2damoon

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    does this mean you can also deposit and withdraw from your account normally with bcash? i have a ton of the stuff that i want to dump.
  3. Humble Servant

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    Yes. CloudBet now fully support both Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC). You can both deposit or withdraw with each.
  4. Pony

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    I don't like how much CloudBet are pushing Bcash on their homepage. I hope these guys are not anti-bitcoin. If they start spreading Bcash propaganda I'm done with them.
  5. Humble Servant

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  6. PokerGod

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    my bet is that cloudbet have been paid off by the bcash promoters to pump their shitcoin. best to avoid bch entirely or you'll be left holding the bag.
  7. Wonka

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    I bet CloudBet are sorry they added support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) now that it has split into Bitcoin Cash ABC (BAB) and Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision). What an absolute mess.
  8. 4TheWin

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    Yes, the bitcoin cash thing has been a total cluster fuck. Both coins are going nowhere now that lightning network is launching.
  9. Humble Servant

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  10. Nobody is using Bitcoin Cash compared to BTC

    I bet CloudBet are regretting adding it and handing over all the BCH they could have kept. The amount of BCH deposits they get probably doesn't justify the hassle of having to secure and process a second crypto.

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