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Discussion in 'Bitcoin Sports Betting' started by SuckIt, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. SuckIt

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    I was an early CloudBet but I abandoned them last year because their grading was sooooo slow. They also didn't seem to offer as many betting markets as Nitrogen Sports. I decided to give them another try a few weeks ago and I'm glad to report that things seems to have gotten much better in my absence. All the bets that I placed were graded immediately once the event had ended and my withdrawal was processed within an hour.

    Are CloudBet under new management or have they just hired a few extra staff?
  2. Toast

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    It's funny you say that because Nitrogen Sports seems to be getting worse. Nitrogen were always super fast at grading but now it often takes them hours/days. It's good to know that CloudBet are working on improving their site, especially since DirectBet have shut-down. The more options the better IMO.
  3. Humble Servant

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    CloudBet seem to be particularly good at in-play betting and now cover most major leagues in the USA and Europe.
  4. I've been using CloudBet for live betting throughout the summer and it was working great until the past week or tow. Grading seems to have really slowed and I'm now waiting over 10+ hours for some live events to be graded. This seems like a bad omen considering the NFL season doesn't even kick off for another week. Anyone else experiencing CloudBet grading issues?
  5. Humble Servant

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  6. Pony

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    at leat they waited to ban American gamblers until after the super bowl. the good news is you can still login using a vpn.
  7. Terry

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    my biggest problem with cloudbet is they promote the bitcoin cash scam. i would be wary of any site that promotes bcash.
  8. Hernia

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    Cloudbet have added live streaming which is a big plus for me. I used to use Bet365 and Ladbrokes so I got used to being able to watch Spanish La Liga soccer games or the NBA for free. I'm so glad that a bitcoin-only sportsbook has added this functionality.

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