(BetOnline) will only pay affiliates in bitcoin from 2017

Discussion in 'BTC Sportsbook Affiliate Programs' started by Humble Servant, Jan 2, 2017.

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    BetOnline are a U.S. facing online sportsbook that began accepting BTC deposits and withdrawals from sports bettors in 2016. Shortly after they extended their BTC banking services to affiliates also. In their Christmas newsletter their affiliate program notified affiliates that "In the near future, will only be sending payments to affiliate via Bitcoin. If you haven’t setup your Bitcoin account and wallet yet, start doing that now so you are ready when we make this switch."

    After the Bovada affiliate program Betting Partners, is probably the second biggest affiliate program for sports betting affiliates in the USA. This is sure to annoy some affiliates who see bitcoin as an inconvenience but it is another indicator of how the industry is becoming ever more pro bitcoin.
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    it's a pretty decent affiliate program although i my experience, bovada have a much better conversion rate between sign-ups and new depositors than betonline.

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