Do any bitcoin sportsbooks live stream sports?

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Sports Betting' started by NKOTB, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. NKOTB

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    As a sports bettors in the United States I've always been envious of the betting apps my UK and Australian friends have. They can wager on a horse race or soccer game and then watch the event live on their phones for free. Most U.S. online sportsbooks are at least a decade behind when it comes to design and functionality.

    Do any of the new breed of bitcoin gambling sites live stream sports? I'll happily place a bet on any NFL game if that will activate the live stream.
  2. Humble Servant

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    We are happy to announce that now live stream a wide range of sporting events for free, including major tennis tournaments like the French/Australian Open, NBA basketball and major soccer leagues from around the world such as Spanish La Liga. All you need is a funded account. (Note: CloudBet is blocked in the UK and USA)

    Buying the copyright to live sports is extremely expensive. Major fiat bookmakers like Bet365 and Ladbrokes have enough money to purchase broadcasting rights for sporting events but I doubt CloudBet or Nitrogen Sports have that kind of money.
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  3. EthHead

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    For now I think bitcoin sportsbooks should just focus on delivering the best sports betting experience. They should learn how to walk before they try to run.
  4. Terry

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    I'm sure bitcoin friendly sportsbooks like Bovada could afford to buy the broadcasting rights for lower leagues and some foreign sports. Those guys have to be making millions every week.
  5. Humble Servant

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    Yes. I'm sure Bovada would afford to buy broadcasting rights for a few minor leagues but you have to remember that they are operating in a legal grey area by servicing US sports bettors so many sports organisations would refuse to deal with them, even if they were offering the highest price.
  6. I don't see any need for bitcoin sportsbooks to live stream sports. Right now you can watch live NFL games via the Twitter app and the Yahoo Sports app live streams hundreds of MLB and NHL games for free. They should just focus on offering the best lines IMO.
  7. Humble Servant

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    The NFL have a YouTube channel where you can watch match previews, post game analysis and in game highlights on your phone.
  8. Fatboy

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    I watched the Super Bowl at the weekend on my Samsung Galaxy Tab using the free Fox Sports Go app. There really is no need for bitcoin bookmaker to live stream sports when there is a tone of free apps that already do it.
  9. Humble Servant

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    BetCoin have started live streaming e-Sports via their betting platform although I don't known if you consider kids in Korea playing video games a sport.
  10. EthHead

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    i would suggest they concentrate on grading events faster before they start thinking about live streaming.
  11. Wonka

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    It's only a matter of time before Ladbrokes, William Hill and other live streaming bookmakers start accepting cryptocurrencies. I don't envisage offshore bookies doing it anytime soon though so if you live in America you are out of luck.
  12. PokerGod

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    i don't understand why they don't live stream sports since they are operating offshore and they aren't officially legal in countries like the USA, Australia and the United Kingdom. why not just live stream the main sporting channel from these countries via their website to anyone who places a bet and they'll get a huge amount of new customers.
  13. Humble Servant

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  14. Toast

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    Such a shame CloudBet now block sports bettors from the USA. I would love to be able to bet and watch an NBA live stream for free.

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