Do any gambling sites accept Bcash (Bitcoin Cash)?

Discussion in 'General Bitcoin Gambling Discussion' started by Dara, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Dara

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    So it seems that a fork of the bitcoin network has finally happened and a splinter group have created a bigger block chain that they are calling Bitcoin Cash although others are calling it Bitcash and Bcash. The whole point of the new coin is to lower fees by adding more onchain scaling. If it speed up bitcoin deposits and withdrawals during the NFL season then I'm all for it. Can anyone tell me if there are any sportsbooks, poker sites or casinos accepting Bcash/Bitcoin Cash yet? Where can I buy it?
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    None that I'm aware off. Most gambling sites only accept bitcoin and haven't yet added support for Litecoin or Ethereum yet so I can't see then adding Bitcoin Cash as a cashier option in the near future. It would probably add a huge about of confusion and lost BTC when people deposit the wrong type of bitcoin so they may decide that it's not worth the aggravation.

    Fortune Jack Casino and Poker room already accept lesser used crypto like Dash and Clams so they will probably be the first site to accept Bcash.

    You can buy Bcash at most major exchanges now, including Poloniex and Kraken.



    CloudBet now accept Bitcoin, Bcash/Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. They have a wide range of casino games, a popular sportsbook and even a sportsbook. They have been operating out of Costa Rica since 2013, which makes them one of the oldest and most trusted cryptocurrency gambling operator.
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    what is the point of bcash when the main bitcoin network will have lightning network payments in the coming months?
  7. Lance

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    There is no point to Bitcoin Cash. Roger Ver is going to look like an idiot when LN goes live.
  8. EvilK

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    if you want to make cheap crypto payments then using litecoin and not this bcash crap that is controlled by a couple of miners in china. litecoin has segwit, cheap transactions and blocks confirm every 2.5 minutes, which is much faster than bcash.
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  10. Fatboy

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    are people on here still hodling bitcoin cash? it has gone from 0.14 bitcoin a few months ago to just 0.07 now so i'm sure glad i sold mine after the fork.
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    I think most people have dumped their BCH which is probably why the price has dropped so much. The Mt Gox trustee will be distributing over a hundred thousand BCH over the next couple of months too which is bound to drive the price lower.
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    I don't think it really has a use case anymore. Just a few whales like Jihan Wu and Roger Ver who are propping up the price. I expect to see the first gambling sites adopting the Lightning Network in the coming months.

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