Do any gambling sites accept OneCoin?

Discussion in 'General Bitcoin Gambling Discussion' started by Gooch, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. Gooch

    Gooch Member

    Before you guys jump down my throat, I'm aware that there is a strong likelihood that OneCoin is either a ponzi or just a straightforward scam. I'm just curious about what OneCoin investors do once they've bought their coins. Are there any e-commerce sites that accept OneCoin? Are there are any casinos or sportsbooks out there accepting OneCoin?
  2. Freddy

    Freddy Member

    I don't think OneCoin is openly traded (and it never will be) so gambling operators should be stuck holding this shitcoin if they accepted it. If you see OneCoin being accepted at any poker room or sportsbook you should run a mile.
  3. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

    I don't know if you'd call this openly traded but they're trying to give the impression that it is.

  4. 2damoon

    2damoon Member

    HA! Would anyone seriously gamble at a sportsbook or casino that accepted OneCoin? They are the biggest con artists in crypto.
  5. Toast

    Toast Member

    No. If I saw OneCoin listed as a payment option, I would withdraw my money and close my account immediately.
  6. NKOTB

    NKOTB Member

    Why have these con men and women not been arrested an thrown in jail yet? It makes no sense that they can so blatently scam people for this long and not face arrest.

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