do you still use bitcoin-only gambling sites during the bear market?

Discussion in 'General Bitcoin Gambling Discussion' started by Toast, Jan 8, 2019.

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    during 2017 i mostly used btc exclusive sportsbooks and casinos because the price of bitcoin in dollar terms kept rising. i might deposit $100 at nitrogen and over the space of a few weeks it would magically be worth $200 if i withdrew it. during the 2018 bear market where the price went from about $19,000 back to $3,500 the opposite was true. if i deposited btc at a casino or sportsbook, it was worth about half in dollar terms within a month or two. as a result i almost exclusively gambled at sites like nitrogen and cloudbet in 2017 and i gambled more at sites like bovada and 5dimes in 2018 because they immediately converted my btc to dollars so i avoided the constant price drops.

    have other people done the same?
  2. Humble Servant

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    My suspicion is that people are probably less likely to deposit large amounts into crypto-only gambling sites during bear markets. They'll probably buy $50 worth of bitcoin or enough to keep them going for a couple of weeks and deposit that. During the bull market I'm sure many people were happy to deposit hundreds of dollars at a time and watch it's value in dollar terms increase over months.
  3. It's certainly looking like the bear market is over. The price is over $6,000 today which is double what is was last November (2018). I would see a lot of sideways action for the next 6 months until people start to get excited about the halving, which is coming up in May 2020.

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