is the / affiliate program a scam?

Discussion in 'BTC Poker Affiliate Programs' started by Jake21, Feb 7, 2018.

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    i operate an online poker site that has a bitcoin poker section that receives a lot of traffic so i decided to try and promote the betcoin poker room in that part of my site. i was pleasantly surprised by the conversion rate of the betcoin affiliate program and over the course of 2017 i managed to sign-up over 200 active players that were making me a few hundred dollars a month. problems started in december 2017 when abruptly shut-down their online poker room and then reopened it as a few weeks ago. the problem is that i am not receiving any commission from the new site even though that's where all my players are now.

    when i contacted the affiliate program to complain, they told me that i would still receive commission on casino and sports betting at their site but that since is a different company, i would have to email them about my poker commission.

    since the traffic i sent to them was from a poker-only site, my players were engaged in online poker and not sports betting and casino gaming so i have stopped making any money now that they've moved poker to a new site. saying that it is a completely different company is also stupid since they share the "betcoin" name, site design and links to

    this feels like a scam and i would recommend affiliates avoid both the and affiliate programs until this issue is resolved.
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    We have worked with the affiliate program in the past and we can report that they have always acted in an honest way with us. However, I do agree that they need to start paying affiliates for BetCoin Poker players that they have referred.

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