List of Lightning Network wallets for iOS, Android, PC and Mac

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  1. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

    The Lightning Network is now live on the bitcoin mainnet and it is already possible to pay for your VPN (TorGuard) or buy phone credit (BitRefill) with Lightning. Over the coming months we expect to see a growing number of Lightning Network wallets become available for smartphones and desktops so we decided to put together a comprehensive list of LN wallet here.


    Eclair (Android Only) - Currently only supports sending payments, you cannot receive payments yet.

    Blue Wallet (iOS + Android) - This wallet is a pretty good stopgap for anyone that wants to try lightning but doesn't want to setup a bitcoin node. They manage the lightning channel for you. Works on both iOS and Android.

    Wallet of Satoshi (iOS + Android) - This is a really slick non custodial wallet that even your granny can use. It is lightning only and everything is in Satoshi's. Super easy and fast to top-up with BTC. Currently our favorite wallet (while we wait for the Neutrino light client to get released).


    Lightning Labs (Mac + PC) - This is an early beta release of their main client for desktops and we're happy to report that it works great. It's aimed more at beginners than advanced users
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  2. Tommy82

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    An iOS and Android Lightning wallet called Zap will be released soon.

  3. Hernia

    Hernia Member

    Lightning Ramp are currently testing a Lightening Network wallet that will integrate with your Coinbase account. That kind of defeats the purpose of having a Lightning Network wallet but I think the service will be useful in the short term until the user experience of LN wallets improves. Coinbase have 20 million customers so it would be a great way to onboard users and get them familiarised with Lightning payments.

  4. Pony

    Pony Member

    A company called have released an Android Lightning Network wallet but for now it only works on the testnet but they expect to launch on the mainnet soon. To make the user experience more familiar to the average user, they have created a "Savings" and "Checking" wallet in the app. The "Savings" wallet is obviously a regular wallet, while the "Checking" account will be your Lightning wallet for day to day payments.
  5. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

    This new Shango Lightning Network wallet for iOS and Android looks pretty sweet. It's cloud based and will allow you to both send and receive. It will be available in the Summer 2018. Watch the video for more details..

  6. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

    The Zap Lightning Network wallet for iOS seems to be progressing nicely and will soon be available as a beta release for iPhone. You will even be able to send and pay invoices via iMessage.

  7. NKOTB

    NKOTB Member

    Zap have released an alpha version of their iOS and desktop software for test...

  8. Toast

    Toast Member

    does anyone know when the neutrino light client for the lightning network will finally get released?
  9. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

    They haven't given any firm date other than sometime in 2019. It could happen tomorrow or next June.
  10. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

  11. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

    There is a new non-custodial Lightning Network wallet called "Wallet of Satoshi" that has been developed by a team in Australia and we have to admit it's pretty slick. You can deposit BTC in a few minutes and start making and receiving LN transactions. It is available for both iOS and Android. The Android version is available now, while the iOS app will be in the iTunes App Store shortly. Really impressive.

  12. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

    I don't have an Android phone so I wasn't able to try the Eclair wallet yes, which would be my preference since it's non-custodial, but I have been able to try both the Wallet of Satoshi and BlueWallet apps for iOS. Both worked pretty well but I have to say that the US of Wallet of Satoshi is much slicker. Obviously these are both custodial so you are trusting a third party with your BTC but they also manage the channels which makes things much easier. I'm looking forward to the release of the Neutrino light client for smartphones.
  13. Doyle

    Doyle Member

    The Eclair wallet now allows you to both send and receive Lightning Network transactions.
  14. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

    Here is a pretty good guide to the top 11 Lightning Network wallets put together by Bitrefill.

  15. Jake21

    Jake21 Member

    The Lightning Labs mainnet desktop app is now live so you should probably add that wallet to your list. I've tested in a Mac and it works great.
  16. Mk3itas

    Mk3itas Guest

    Awesome, thanks
  17. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

    Exciting news, a brand new Lightning Network wallet has been released by bitcoin developer prodigy Jack Mallers called "Strike". The Strike wallet is currently available in the United States and requires what they call "light KYC". To use the app, all you need to do is provide your name and a phone number. You can then immediately link your the wallet app to their credit/debit card or bank account and start making micro payments via the Lightning Network.


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