my bitcoin wallet is asking me to choose a fee?

Discussion in 'General Bitcoin Gambling Discussion' started by Wonka, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. Wonka

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    i recently downloaded a new bitcoin wallet called "blockstream green" because i saw many people recommending it. when i tried to make a payment, the wallet gave me 4 different options for the fees: fast, medium, slow and custom. i found this quiet confusing because before "blockstream green" i used brd wallet and the payment just sent automatically. can anybody explain why i need to choose a fee and it's not automatically selected for me?

    here's the wallet for anyone that's curious
  2. PokerGod

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    This is normal behavior and I'm pretty sure BRD allows you to pick a fee also. Basically if you are just sending bitcoin to yourself and you are in no rush for it to confirm then you can just pick the lowest and slowest fee. Fees are lowest during the weekend so it will probably confirm then. I usually pick the lowest fee of about 1 sat/byte when I am sending BTC to my hardware wallet.

    If you are paying for a good or service online, then sometimes, the transaction needs to confirm in 15 minutes. In these instances I would select a more generous fee so that the miner includes my payment in the next block. If you need to deposit money quickly to make a sports bet then you should pick the largest fee option.
  3. FacelessStuart

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    Yeah, that is pretty normal, don't care
  4. 4TheWin

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    This won't be an issue once gambling sites start to integrate the Lightning Network. You'll be able to make instant transactions for less than a cent then.
  5. williamrenirez

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    That's not normal. All cryptocurrency platforms take their own commission.

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