Nitrogen Sports is highest rated BTC bookmaker at SBR

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Sports Betting' started by PokerGod, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. PokerGod

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    I'm a fan of Nitrogen Sports so I don't understand all the complaining and whinging that I read on this forum about the site. People start complaining if their withdrawals aren't processed in a couple of hours, forgetting that just a few short years ago we all had to wait months to receive checks from shady shell companies if we wanted to withdraw from an offshore sportsbook. Therefore I feel a bit vindicated to see that SBR have given Nitrogen Sports a B rating. SBR (Sportsbook Review) who are an independent site that ranks online bookmakers in terms of their trustworthiness recently upgraded Nitrogen Sports to a B rating, making it the highest rated cryptocurrency bookmaker. Watch what they had to say or read the key points for their reasoning....
    • They upgraded Nitrogens rating because of consistently good feedback.
    • SBR made contact with the owners and managers of Nitrogen to interview them during the ranking process.
    • Nitrogen has been operating successfully since December 2012.
    • They operate their own proprietary bookmaker software that is hosted in San Jose, Costa Rica.
    • Player feedback on customer payouts was strongly encouraging.
    • The average payout time at Nitrogen is just 30 seconds, which is astonishing.
  2. Humble Servant

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    Thanks for posting but that video is actually from a few years ago. They now have a B+ rating and they are still the highest rated cryptocurrency only sportsbook.
  3. 4TheWin

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    what rating does cloudbet have?
  4. Toast

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    CloudBet recently had their rating upgraded from a C to a B.
  5. david singer

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    I've had multiple issues with Nitrogen, mostly with esports betting. They accused me of betting on a csgo match that had already started. This wasn't a live bet and I placed the wager and turned on the stream of the match. I remember waiting about 10 minutes and the match had started. I had to explain to the support who clearly didn't understand anything but the verdict so I had to go back timestamp everything I could from streams to prove them wrong. I got it reversed because my data was good but it gets worse... I saw on Reddit latter that people were still showing tickets that had a earlier time stamp then even my match. These tickets were still canceled..At this point I lost all faith in nitrogen that they wouldn't have the integrity to fix everyone's bets..just the person who literally proved them wrong.

    I have one more story this ones a little more controversial. I bet on a league of legends tournament and It ended up being a correlated parlay, I had North america +1.5(b05) and 2 other teams that played for north america in the same bet. Essentially per their rules My bet should have been cancelled but because it lost they said the bet wasn't correlated. As the bettor I can understand not getting a cancel out of it but to flat out call it not correlated is total bullshit. I dont know its kind of hard to explain that one but maybe some people will get it. I didn't know it was correlated untill it played out the tournament was kind of wacky and unknown. I guarantee if I won the 1.1 bitcoin from that bet they would have cancelled it tho.

    I dont trust them with anything, they have multiple admins running things their own way. some are nice considerate and some are complete bastards that will ban you if they want to. Betcoin/stake are way better and I can actually trust them with my money
  6. 4TheWin

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    it should be noted that nitrigensports has shutdown and no longer exists.

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