Nitrogen Sports is highest rated BTC bookmaker at SBR

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Sports Betting' started by PokerGod, Dec 13, 2018.

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    I'm a fan of Nitrogen Sports so I don't understand all the complaining and whinging that I read on this forum about the site. People start complaining if their withdrawals aren't processed in a couple of hours, forgetting that just a few short years ago we all had to wait months to receive checks from shady shell companies if we wanted to withdraw from an offshore sportsbook. Therefore I feel a bit vindicated to see that SBR have given Nitrogen Sports a B rating. SBR (Sportsbook Review) who are an independent site that ranks online bookmakers in terms of their trustworthiness recently upgraded Nitrogen Sports to a B rating, making it the highest rated cryptocurrency bookmaker. Watch what they had to say or read the key points for their reasoning....
    • They upgraded Nitrogens rating because of consistently good feedback.
    • SBR made contact with the owners and managers of Nitrogen to interview them during the ranking process.
    • Nitrogen has been operating successfully since December 2012.
    • They operate their own proprietary bookmaker software that is hosted in San Jose, Costa Rica.
    • Player feedback on customer payouts was strongly encouraging.
    • The average payout time at Nitrogen is just 30 seconds, which is astonishing.
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    Thanks for posting but that video is actually from a few years ago. They now have a B+ rating and they are still the highest rated cryptocurrency only sportsbook.
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    what rating does cloudbet have?
  4. Toast

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    CloudBet recently had their rating upgraded from a C to a B.

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