Pay lower fees with these SegWit compatible wallets

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  1. Humble Servant

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    As bitcoin becomes increasingly popular, more and more people bid to have their transactions included in the next block, which increases the average cost of each transaction. This will likely continue until the Lightning Network goes live and we will finally have access to instant and cheap BTC transactions. In the meantime, you can easily cut the cost of your fee's by over 30% by simply switching to a wallet that is SegWit compatible. SegWit transactions are smaller so they they take up less space in the blockchain, which saves you money. Here are a list of the SegWit ready bitcoin wallets that you should be using....

    Samourai ( - Android
    Blockstream Green ( - iOS, Android
    Bitcoin Core ( - PC, Linux, Mac.
    Electrum ( - PC
    Trezor ( - Cold Storage
    Ledger ( - Cold Storage
    BRD ( iPhone

    If you are using a Coinbase or wallet then you are probably paying double the amount of fees that you need to so please help bitcoin scale by using one of the wallets listed above.
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  2. EvilK

    EvilK Member

    useful list, thanks. why don't major wallets like coinbase and use segwit if it will save their customers money?
  3. Terry

    Terry Member

    Coinbase uses SegWit now but, BRD and KeepKey don't.
  4. Fatboy

    Fatboy Member

    it has been over a year since segwit has activated so i would recommend that people avoid wallets that have not already integrated. is a complete clown show.
  5. PokerGod

    PokerGod Member

    why haven't keepkey implemented segwit? i was thinking about buying one of their hardware wallets but after reading this i don't have a lot of confidence in them.
  6. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

    KeepKey implemented SegWit in a update last month. You can now make segwit transactions on BTC, BTG and LTC.

  7. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

    Bread wallet or BRD as they are called now, have finally updated their iPhone app to include SegWit...

  8. Spud

    Spud Member

    You should include the new Blockstream Green wallet for Android and iPhone. It's awesome.
  9. uglymug

    uglymug Member

    I know Gemini are an exchange but they added full support for SegWit this week. Tyler Winklevoss announced it....


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