Try Lightning Network payments with BlueWallet for Android/iOS

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  1. Humble Servant

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    I know many of you are eager to try the much hyped Lightning Network payment network that will enable free and instant payments. At the moment if you want to make a LN payment you need to setup both a full bitcoin node and a lightning node on your PC or Mac. That will likely take many days to download and configure so most people are waiting for the Neutrino Light Client to be released that will allow you to both send and receive payments from your phone or desktop without having to download the entire blockchain.

    If you are impatient then a new LightningNetwork app has been released that works on both iOS an Android that allows to make Lightning network payments. The Lightning payments are managed by the wallet developers so it's custodial and centralized which is far from ideal but still a good way to try out the Lightning Network while we wait for the Neutrino client to be released.

    If you find links to the iOS and Android version of the apps on their website

    IMPORTANT: The Lightning Network is still in it's infancy so please only transfer small amounts to this wallet that you are OK with losing. Please proceed with caution.
  2. Humble Servant

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    The new iOS and Android "Wallet Of Satoshi" app is even easier to use. In just a couple of minutes we had added a few satoshi's and we were making LN payments.

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    I agree that Wallet Of Satoshi is easier to use but I like the fact that with BlueWallet you have both a regular wallet where you control the keys and a Lightning Network wallet that is custodial. You can move funds between your non-custodial bitcoin wallet and custodial LN wallet easily. With Wallet of Satoshi you need to trust them 100% and you can't withdraw the BTC to your regular wallet. Both are good at different things.
  4. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

    Bitrefill have put together a pretty good guide to the top 11 Lightning Network wallets.

  5. Blue Wallet is now also available for the Apple Watch which is pretty cool...


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