United States sportsbooks lead the way with crypto sports betting

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    This is unlikely to be a surprise to anyone on this forum but a recent study revealed that bookmakers that welcomed sports bettors from the United States were far more likely to accept cryptocurrencies thank global sportsbooks. The study looked at the top 10 USA friendly sportsbooks and found that all 10 accepted a variety of cryptocurrencies. This is hardly surprising given how difficult (and expensive) it is to deposit at offshore bookies like BetOnline and Bovada in the United States due to anti-gambling laws and regulations.

    Unfortunately, none of the worlds 5 biggest online bookmakers currently accept bitcoin. Global sites like Bet365, Bwin, Paddy Power and William Hill still force their players to deposit with PayPal, debit cards, credit cards, Neteller, Skrill, Revolut and a variety of other traditional financial methods.

    The study also looks at Canadian bookies and found that 50% of them now welcome crypto deposits. This is encouraging and might indicate that the major European bookmakers will soon welcome bitcoin punters also.

    Finally, the report found that bitcoin deposits were cheaper than credit and debit card deposits as most sites do not charge for crypto deposits. Deposits to USA bookmakers via Visa, Mastercard or American Express can be very expensive. To encourage bitcoin adoption, the study revealed that many online sportsbooks offered greater deposit bonuses to their players who opted to use bitcoin.
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    do any of the european bookmakers like bet365, ladbrokes or paddy power support bitcoin or ethereum yet?
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    No and I don't think they will anytime soon because they are already under so much regulatory scrutiny. They are already demonised by some politicians and anti-gambling groups so I don't think they want to be attacked for accepting crypto from money launderers etc.
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    It's fascinating to see the shift towards crypto sports betting, especially in the United States. The fact that all top 10 USA-friendly sportsbooks accept cryptocurrencies isn't surprising given the challenges with traditional payment methods due to anti-gambling regulations.
    It's unfortunate that some of the world's largest online bookmakers haven't embraced bitcoin yet, but the trend in Canadian bookies welcoming crypto deposits is promising. Perhaps major European bookmakers will follow suit soon.
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