USA poker rooms that accept stablecoins like Tether?

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    The growth in popularity of stablecoins at poker rooms, casinos and casinos has truly been phenomenal to watch. While online gamblers in countries like the United States of America loved that their bitcoin deposits and withdrawals couldn't be blocked as they could be with debit and credit cards, they hated the price volatility. For example, if they withdrew $1,000 worth of bitcoin from a poker room and didn't sell it on an exchange like Coinbase immediately, their $1,000 would easily be worth just $800 the following day if the price of bitcoin plummeted.

    Real money poker players in the USA have flocked to stablecoins like Binance USD, Tether and USD Coin because...

    1. Stablecoins are designed to maintain a stable value, which makes them less volatile than other cryptocurrencies. This stability makes them more attractive to poker players and gamblers in general who are looking for a more predictable way of moving money.

    2. Like other cryptocurrencies, stablecoins can be transferred quickly and cheaply across borders without the need for intermediaries like banks. This means that US-based gamblers can easily deposit funds at poker rooms and bookmakers based in gambling-friendly jurisdictions like Panama and Antigua.

    3. Stablecoins are based on blockchain technology, which means that they are decentralized and not controlled by any central authority. This makes it nearly impossible for the United States government to stop poker players from depositing at their favourite real-money poker site.

    It should be noted that not every real-money poker room currently accepts stable coins like Tether. Here are a few safe and secure ones that we recommend to our readers. If you know of any others, please add them below...


    Bovada have been accepting real-money poker players from the United States of America for a couple of decades. Visa and Mastercard were always accepted and when bitcoin emerged, they were one of the earliest poker rooms to adopt the groudbreaking blockchain technology. Bovada Poker currently allows their USA-based players to use Tether, the most popular stablecoin, to deposit and withdraw funds instantly and for free from their poker room. Bovada is part of the PaiWangLuo Poker Network, which is also home to Bodog and other major poker sites.

    BetOnline Poker is a Panamanian based and regulated real-money poker room that is part of the Chico Poker Network. Real-money poker players from the United States of America (or anywhere in the world) can legally play online poker at this poker site. At the moment, they accept Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC) which are the two biggest stablecoins on the planet right now. Withdrawals and deposits are processed in minutes with stablecoins and there are no banking fees.
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    are there any non-custodial solutions for storing these stablecoins? can i keep them on bluewallet or blockstream green for example?
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    You can't self custody stablecoins because they are basically an IOU from a central issuing authority like Circle (USDC) or Tether (USDT). They are not decentralised in the same way that bitcoin is.
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    Does Americas Cardroom welcome Tether or other stablecoins yet?
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    It's been a while since your post, but I wanted to offer some insight.
    Heard you're on the hunt for USA poker rooms that accept stablecoins like Tether. That's some next-level gaming strategy right there! I'm all about situs slot gacor when it comes to online gaming, but I can see the appeal of using crypto for poker. Finding poker rooms that accept stablecoins in the US can be a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack. But hey, where there's a will, there's a way, right? I'd suggest hitting up some forums or online communities where fellow players might have the inside scoop.
    Just remember, when you're dealing with crypto, security is key. Make sure you're using reputable poker rooms that prioritize player safety and encryption.
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