Using a VPN at CloudBet can get your account suspended - Beware

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    So I'm a U.S. based sports bettors who has been using both Nitrogen and CloudBet for a number of years. I regularly use VPN's for my work because I travel a lot and I need a secure connection when I'm working in cafes and airports etc. When CloudBet started blocking U.S. based gamblers I didn't think twice about firing up my VPN service and selecting the IP address of a country that CloudBet allowed. Everything worked fine for a few months and I made numerous deposits and withdrawals until this week when my account got suspended and I received this email. Anyway, I didn't have too much in my account so it's not that big a deal but I wanted to alert you guys....


    Your account is blocked while we conduct a betting integrity investigation. Please note that this process can take up to 6 months.

    To aid in our investigation, we require the following information. Please provide KYC information. Please send scans of:

    - a passport or other government identity card
    - proof of address (only bank statements and government utilities from the past 3 months will be accepted)
    - a picture of yourself holding these documents

    Cloudbet security

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