What are the advantages of bitcoin poker sites?

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Poker' started by PokerGod, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. PokerGod

    PokerGod Member

    A lot of people seem to think that there is going to be a huge boom in bitcoin gambling over the next few years. The traffic at poker rooms that only accept bitcoin is still extremely low so I'm wondering how bitcoin poker sites are going to attract players away from conventional poker rooms? What exactly is so great about bitcoin poker?
  2. uglymug

    uglymug Member

    if you a real money poker player in the united states you wouldn't need to ask that question. i've often had to wait 3 or 4 months for a check to arrive from off-shore poker sites. it's also incredibly frustrating when your american credit card gets declined. since i switched to bitcoin poker sites i no longer have that stress.
  3. Smug Satoshi

    Smug Satoshi Member

    Lower rake is a major advantage. Why pay 5% rake at a regular online poker site when you can pay 2% at a bitcoin poker room.
  4. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

    Personally I only play at online poker rooms that accept U.S. player because the competition is always softer. You'll find plenty of fish at most bitcoin poker sites.
  5. Doyle

    Doyle Member

    Even bitcoin friendly poker rooms like Americas Cardroom and Betonline block players from Maryland, New York, Nevada and a bunch of other states. If you play at a poker site that only accepts bitcoin then you don't have these worries.
  6. 4TheWin

    4TheWin Member

    For me not having to go through the whole KYC process is the biggest bonus. I hate having to find a recent utility bill in my name and all that nonsense. It's no hassle to sign-up and tryout a new btc poker site.
  7. Kaboom

    Kaboom Member

    Rakeback is much better at bitcoin poker rooms. For example, Betcoin will give you over 100% rakeback on hands played if you start a new table. I don't think you will find anything like that at Party Poker, PokerStars or 888.
  8. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

    Don't forget the crazy credit card deposit fees at regular online poker rooms. You can easily lose 5% or 6% of your bankroll every time you deposit at sites like Americas Cardroom or Bovada using Visa and Mastercard. Both of these poker room have zero bitcoin depositing fees.
  9. 2damoon

    2damoon Member

    if you are a professional poker player, bitcoin is a great way of hiding your winnings from tax authorities like the irs.
  10. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

    Monero, which has seen a huge surge in popularity because it offers better anonymity than bitcoin, is now supported by the Fortune Jack Poker room. For players in the United States, bitcoin offers sufficient anonymity and privacy. However, if you live under an extremely repressive regime where gambling is severely punishable then you might want to consider Monero for added protection.
  11. Header

    Header Member

    I've been doing most of my NFL betting at CloudBet and Nitrogen Sports this year because the lines are a few percent better than you will find at 5Dimes or Bovada.
  12. SuckIt

    SuckIt Member

    If you want to hide your identity then it's super fast and easy to create a new account with a new player name so you are no identifiable by the poker fish or sharks.
  13. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

  14. Umair

    Umair Member

    full flush poker recently closed, taking millions of their players money with them. many ex players and affiliates were owed 10's of thousands of dollars when they shut-down. this should be a wakeup call for poker players not to leave large amounts in betting accounts. some legacy poker rooms impose payout restrictions which make it difficult for professional players to withdraw all their bankroll. bitcoin players, however, don't have this problem as they are free to empty their accounts at the end of each session. if full flush poker players were able to do this, maybe they wouldn't have lose tens of thousands of dollars each.
  15. Smug Satoshi

    Smug Satoshi Member

    For me the biggest advantage is being able to move from one site to another easily and quickly depending on who has the best offers. If I get an email from betcoin, for example, advertising a guaranteed tournament or freeroll that I fancy, I can move my player funds to that account to take advantage of the offer.
  16. Lance

    Lance Member

    The Australian government has banned real money online poker. As a results, poker sites like 888poker, PokerStars and Party Poker have stopped accepting Australian players. If you want to play a few hands of Texas Hold'em for real money, bitcoin poker sites are the only option open to Australian players.
  17. Fatboy

    Fatboy Member

    One of the biggest advantages is that the price of bitcoin keeps going up to the dollar value of my payroll keeps increasing :)
  18. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

    Russia is currently in the process of banning online poker rooms so if you are a Russian poker player right now, you will see bitcoin poker as being pretty advantageous.
  19. Doyle

    Doyle Member

    it's been my experience that the competition can be a little softer at bitcoin-only poker rooms. there's definitely fewer sharks at the tables.
  20. Pony

    Pony Member

    Online poker rooms do not allow players to have multiple accounts. Dan Bilzerian was recently kicked off Americas Cardroom because he live streamed some games where he was playing from the account of hedge fund manager Bill Perkins. When ACR saw the video on YouTube, they had no choice but to ban the professional poker player from their poker room for using multiple accounts. Dan Bilzerian is free to create as many accounts as he likes at sites like BetCoin, Nitrogen Sports and Seals With Clubs because there's no KYC and AML.

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