What are the safest cryptocurrency casinos?

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Casinos' started by Wonka, Mar 16, 2018.

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    There are a number of big names in crypto sports betting like Nitrogen and 5Dimes that give me confidence that they are not going to disappear overnight with my hard earned bitcoin. These are sites that have been around for years and have earned the trust of their players by being consistently fair and honest. However, I'm struggling to find a major casino brand that also accepts bitcoin, ethereum or litecoin. There are literally hundreds of different cryptocurrency casinos so I've not idea which ones I can trust and which ones are scams. Any advice would be welcome?
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    Good question. Here is out opinion on the top cryptocurrency casinos that you can trust.

    Bitcoin Penguin - BitcoinPenguin.com
    Bitcoin Penguin would be one of our first choice for a number of reasons. Firstly they have been around since 2015, which is a long time in the world of crypto. Throughout that time they have always have had a reputation for fairness and have not been embroiled in any scandals. On most casino review websites you'll see they get a 5 star rating and we haven't had anyone post anything negative on our message board. Unlike most crypto casinos, Bitcoin Penguin are licensed to operate and are fully regulated by the government of Costa Rica. Bitcoin Penguin also offer game that are provably fair, which means you can verify the fairness of games yourself and you don't need to trust the casino. They've recently added a full sportsbook, which shows their commitment to developing the site, which is something a gambling site planning an exit scam would do. You can read more about the site here in our Bitcoin Penguin review
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    In my opinion Lightning Network casinos will be the safest casinos because you won't have to leave your money in your account. You will be able to deposit a few Satoshi's instantly and then withdraw them once you are finished gaming. If there is only a tiny amount sitting in your account while you play, there is virtually no risk.
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    Anyone ever played on Edgeless? They released a new bonus system, that I find quite interesting. As it is a new website, it still lacks some understanding of how players work. So, I found in some russian blog all of their bonus codes for which you can get free spins(easily wagered) .....there are bunch of these codes you can found under their affiliate websites, but there are some dedicated people that collected them all and shared with us. So the thing is that when you use all these codes, they are wagering in the same time, so less effort more chance to win.......I checked this site, so the only downside of this that you need to go through kyc to withdraw....oh and you need to make a deposit of few cents, but no deposit wagering...nothing..instant withdraw......I though I might share it until they figure it out to limit it.
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    So i see this post is from a while back however i wanted to see if we can bring it back to life! I am looking to start playing only and crypto and i could use some advice...
    I have been playing on casinos that offer both however i wanted to know if i could play somewhere where they only offer crypto!
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    The thing with cryptos is that it should be a site with fast withdrawals and secure :/...
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    I think everyone has their level of security and insecurity, we must remember that the internet is never reliable or at least that's how I see it.
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    There are quite a lot, at least from what I've trued, you just need to know how to look for them.
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    When it comes to crypto sports betting, there are definitely well-established and reputable brands that have earned the trust of their players over the years. As for crypto casinos, there are fewer big names in the market. However, I recommend you check out PG. It is a reputable and well-established casinо that accepts a variety of cryptоcurrencies, including Bitcоin, Ethеreum, and Litеcoin.They also have a good reputation for being consistently fair and honest with their players.It is always a good idea to do your own research and read reviews before depositing any funds.It's also important to make sure the casinо is properly licensed and regulated
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