What have you been gambling on during Coronavirus quarantine?

Discussion in 'General Bitcoin Gambling Discussion' started by 4TheWin, May 27, 2020.

  1. 4TheWin

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    Before the corona virus I did most of my gambling on US and UK sports so I haven't placed a wager in 2 months. Have you guys quit sports betting during quarantine or are there still sports tournaments and leagues happening that I don't know about?
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    This deadly pandemic plague is indeed quite shocking to the world, especially to the economy. However, I don't think it will affect the exchange rate of bitcoin, especially with online casinos. We are all stuck at home of course it's an online casino for me. I have tried a lot of different sites since the self-isolation started but one of the best is pkv qq. I love it. They have a large selection of different passions from slots to poker to blackjack. Plus they used to do really good bonuses for newbies. I think if you guys never tried you can give it a go.
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