Which online sportsbook has the fastest bitcoin withdrawals?

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Sports Betting' started by Tommy82, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. Tommy82

    Tommy82 Member

    I'd like to be able to move my money from one bookmaker to another really quickly if I find a betting line that I want to take advantage of. Some online sportsbooks claim to offer instant bitcoin payouts while I've read other reports of bitcoin withdrawals taking a week.

    I'd love to know what your experiences have been? Exactly how long does it take to process btc withdrawals from the major sportsbooks?
  2. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

    Here has been my experience but I'd love to get more feedback for other sports fans...

    Nitrogen Sports - Most of my withdrawals are near instant. They are usually in my wallet within 15 or 20 minutes.

    Bovada - Times can vary a little but the majority of my payouts are processed in 1 to 2 days.

    5Dimes - These guys are surprisingly quick. If I request a withdrawal in the morning, I often have my bitcoin by the evening.

    BetOnline - Typically it takes about 1 day.

    CloudBet - Not as fast as Nitrogen Sports. Payouts can sometimes take a couple of days, which is quiet a long time for a bitcoin-only sportsbook.
  3. Doyle

    Doyle Member

    Nitrogen Sports have by far the fastest payouts in my experience. 5Dimes are pretty fast too for a legacy sportsbook.
  4. Tommy82

    Tommy82 Member

    I used BetOnline recently to make a deposit and withdrawal. My bitcoin deposit was in my account in about 30 minutes, which is pretty good. Just be sure to add a large enough network fee so that it gets confirmed in the first couple of blocks. I requested a payout in the morning and it was in my account on the same days. Their website says it takes 48 hours to process withdrawals but most of mine have been done within 24. BetOnline used to charge a bitcoin processing fee but thankfully they've removed that now.
  5. Toast

    Toast Member

    Heritage Sports usually process my withdrawal within 24 hours, except at weekends, when it can take a couple of days.
  6. Gooch

    Gooch Member

    When I logged into Nitrogen Sports this morning I got the following message:

    General info about our new withdrawal process: Once approved internally, withdrawals will show as APPROVED/SENT for no more than 60 min. At this stage, users will no longer be able to cancel the request. No more than one hour after its approval your payment will be finalized and a blockchain link will be available for you to track the funds.
  7. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Active Member Staff Member

  8. Spud

    Spud Member

    it took me over 2 weeks to make a withdrawal at cloudbet last year. i had to send in my id and bank statements first, then they wanted a picture of me holding the documents and then it took over 10 days for them to verify the documents. they blamed their payment processing company but when i signed up they never told me that i would have to do kyc.
  9. betcoin.ag have very slow withdrawal times. i've had my withdrawal cancelled by them 5 times this week and i don't know why. best to stick to the more established and well know crypto sportsbooks.
  10. uglymug

    uglymug Member

    from my experience pinnacle don't process withdrawals at the weekend. you need to wait a couple of days to get your btc if you request it at the weekend, which seems ridiculous given that cryptocurrencies are 24/7.
  11. NKOTB

    NKOTB Member

    If bovada decide they need to do some extra KYC/AML then expect to wait longer than 2 days while they review your documentation. took me about 4 days to make a withdrawal.
  12. Once bookmakers start implementing Lightning Network payments, I'll only deposit enough to cover an individual bet. Withdrawals should be pretty much instantaneous since we will no longer need to wait for 6 confirmations.

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