CloudBet bans United States sports bettors

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Sports Betting' started by Humble Servant, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Member Staff Member

    We are sorry to report that CloudBet has decided to ban players from the United States of America. CloudBet were one of our recommended crypto sportsbooks so we're sorry to see them block players from such a large sports betting market. When we contacted their customer support they confirmed that "Unfortunately, US jurisdiction does not accept Cloudbet"

    When players from the U.S. try to create an account now, they are presented with a message saying "Players from your region are now allowed".

    The good news is USA citizens can still gamble anonymously at which is in our opinion the best crypto-only sportsbook on the market today.
  2. Gooch

    Gooch Member

    That news really SUCKS!! I think I still have a couple of hundred dollars in my CloudBet account. Will I be able to withdraw it now?
  3. Humble Servant

    Humble Servant Member Staff Member

    Yes, CloudBet have confirmed with us that they will be allowing United States based customers to login and withdraw any outstanding balances.
  4. Pony

    Pony Member

    i'm still able to login and gamble using a vpn although sometimes every now and then it doesn't work because of cloudflare i think.

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